CCTU: Time With The WordSmith, Xerxes The Poet.


Poetry is termed as a piece of art that goes in the ears, encoded by the brain to stimulate emotions and finally straight to the heart.

Meet the WordSmith, Kuubio Ambepori Xavier, also known as *Xerxes the Poet* Lover of Words.

Kuubio is a Poet, a Spoken Word Artist and a Blogger with Science fiction aspect and a little bit of art.

Born and bred in Swedru in the Central region of Ghana, Xerxes resides at Tesano, Accra but hails from Nandom in the Upper West Region.

Currently, Xavier is a student in the Cape Coast Technical University, where he is studying HND in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.

Talking of inspiration, He got his inspiration from the Books he read, he’s an avid reader as well, any time he reads, he always tries to create something out of a book he reads. Hence, Poetry is creativity, without creativity Poetry remains baseless.

Well, we took some time to ask Xerxes some questions and here are responses we got,

KuulpeepsCCTU: Why Xerxes the Poet?

Xerxes: “Xerxes The Poet” can also be termed as *The Phantasmagoric Poet* I use the word “Phantasmagoric” because of it adjectival verb of “intensity”, well most of my Poetry Artwork are intense in nature.

KuulpeepsCCTU: How did it all start?

Xerxes: I fell in love with words at a tender age, that’s way back in Primary six (6) when my English Tutor taught the whole class and pestered us to learn and memorize his Poetry on “Education”. From there I started with my Poetry writings, with the title “word spin”

KuulpeepsCCTU: Upon the varieties in Art, Why Poetry?

Xerxes: Poetry is “everything” to me, that’s why I have advanced to Spoken word Poetry, with the compliment of my stage name “Phantasmagoric Poet” as stated earlier. Every leisure moment of mine is used to create Poetry.

I actually used three(3)  to five(5) minutes to create a Poetry “Experience” this poetry is based on “Coding with a computer” that’s more into science fiction.

On the other hand “Persistent Love” is so intense.

KuulpeepsCCTU: What are some of your poetry Artwork?

Xerxes: Some of my Poetry Artwork include Life Choice, Xperience, Speechless, Chemistry, Power of Knowledge, Sacrosanct Light, Just to mention, a few Soon to Drop!!

KuulpeepsCCTU: Who will you call “Key Personalities in the world of Poetry and Spoken word?

Xerxes: Key personalities in the world of Poetry and Spoken Word, erm…

Edgar Allan Poe, Williams Shakespeare, Robert Frost, are his influential Poets whiles Jefferson Bethke and Henry Rollins are my Spoken Word Artist. Ooh not forgetting poetra_asantewaa who is a Ghanaian Poet and a Spoken Word Artist. The only difference between Poets and Spoken Word Artist is that Poets only writes Poetry whiles Spoken word Artist writes and perform as well.

KuulpeepsCCTU: What are your thoughts on Poetry in our country?

Xerxes: Poetry speaks a lot, it’s really quite unfortunate, and our country shows less interest in Poetry and Spoken Word Poetry at large but is cherished in other African and European countries.

KuulpeepsCCTU: Thank you for having time for us Xerxes, good luck with everything you are working on!

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