Becca Gave Us A Peek Into Her Fridge And It Screams Midnight Snack Goals!!


Do you ever see celebs and you’re like OMG woow are y’all even human?

Yeah cos…same!

Image result for starstruck gif

Becca is one of the beautiful female artistes we’ve been fangirling and yesterday she gave us a brief ”c’mon guys i’m as normal as everyone else”

She gave us a peek into her fridge and we are on our way to make sure ours mirrors hers very soon cos the stuff in there is the reason why fridges have lights in them!

Fruit Juice cos she needs something to make love to her throat right?

And the original juice above all juices…beer.

All that energy she gives like her secret is the energy drink she stocks!

Yhup now we believe that all you need for your skin to glow is water cos have you seen her skin!!!

Look at all those fruits and vegetables!!! A healthy queen!

Don’t we all love us some salad cream?

Take out and homecooked meals? Yassss Becca! Take your crown!

What’s in your fridge?

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