UCC: Thinking Of How to Make Your Studies Better? Here Are 10 Useful Tips For You


The semester is moving at a really fast pace and you’ve probably written a few quizzes coupled with a fleet of assignments, with a presentation probably in the pipeline. Combining studies with other activities can be one hell of a task, and UCC doesn’t make it any easier. No worries if you still haven’t found your foot yet, you have some ample time to make a good impression on subsequent quizzes and the final exams as well. Ride with as we take you through these simple but effective hacks.

  • Chew a gum while studying: It’s difficult trying to keep a steady head and frame of mind when studying especially in the night. Next time you go study, make sure you take a bubble gum along, it will help you stay awake and focused.

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  • Get involved in group studies: Group studies are a very effective way of studying, you’re able to cover more than you would have in person. Here’s the catch, join a serious group and participate; it will do you good when you contribute rather than just spectate

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  • Stick to paper: Technology is new wave now, it provides an array of software and soft copies to aid learning. But sometimes” Sankofa” helps. Get hardcopies of study materials and do well to pen down a few points in class as well, it will complement the pdf or slides the lecture might give you.


  • Take short reviews every half an hour: In for a long study session? Take shorts reviews at least in a space of every 30 minutes. Quizzing yourself on what you have learnt so far will go a long way to help you retain information more effectively.


  • Update your playlist: Are you a music lover? Do you like to study while listening to music? If yes, then listen to classical music preferably and/or other unfamiliar instrumentals while you study. Your mind will be able to maintain focus when you’re not familiar with the lyrics of a song.

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  • Use highlighters when studying: The brain works very well with colours, therefore it is advisable to use highlighters when you study. The bright colours will help the brain to easily remember a formula, a definition or an equation

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  • Study out of a comfort zone: The mind responds to the environment around it. Hence, you’re likely to give in to sleeping when you study in your room or on your bed. Likewise, you’re prone to using electronic gadgets around you if they are readily available. When you decide to study, find a conducive place like the library or reading room to do so. The fact that is should not be a comfort zone doesn’t mean you should study under stress or constraints.


  • Update your fonts: Maybe you don’t do well with hardcopies and actual books, no worries., we all have different choices. If you realize you learn better when the material is a softcopy rather than hardcopy, this is for you!! Change the font size of the material to Times New Roman. This text is plain and simple, hence making it easier to read.


  • Review what you learn in class every day: You don’t always have to pile everything down and wait to “chew” it when a test is fast approaching. It is better to go over what you’re taught in class every day before you retire to bed. It helps you to be abreast with progress in class and also allows for you to better understand what it is you’re studying. In short, it better to “chew” it small small than bite more than you can chew and be found wanting.

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  • Use your room space: The room is not just for sleeping and hosting guests. It’s also your personal classroom. Get yourself a pack of sticky notes and write down that very important definition, formula or equation that you badly need to study. Paste these tiny bits of information at vantage points in the room where you can easily see them anytime. Thus, even when you don’t intend studying, you’d still have something to be occupied with.

We said 10 erh, okay scratch that, here’s a bonus:

Laminate your notes, so that the papers will not roll off before exams. Lol, we just saying keep your books neat. DASSOR!!!

Enjoy the rest of the semester and Let us know which of the ones above worked for you.

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