A Photo Of A White Lady Driving A Ghanaian Taxi Causes Traffic On Social Media

It is not every day that you see a woman drive a taxi here in Ghana though some women actually do drive taxis as a living.

But if seeing women drive taxis are rare, imagine when that woman isn’t black but a damn white woman at that.

Facebook user, Selasy Marshalls shared the photo of a middle-aged white woman really focused on driving her taxi with the caption ‘I can’t think far’…. don’t worry Selasy, neither do we…

When most Ghanaians travel to America and other European countries they take up menial jobs such as nursing the elderly, babysitting, janitorial work, waitressing, dishwashing and cab (taxi) driving.

But when citizens from those countries emigrate to Ghana, they usually get the high profile jobs, most of them are even expatriates working for the local branches of international firms.

However, a caucasian looking woman driving a taxi in Ghana is one sight to behold.

Though she might not be looking for passengers, this picture is still hilarious.

Meanwhile, Facebook users have been having a field day…

Allow the lady to enjoy her ride.

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