The missing Ingredient For A Lit FIFA Game Is A Fine Woman By Your Side! Don’t Believe Us? Ask Medikal and Sarkodie

You know how,  when you’re single, the universe makes it a point to remind you constantly that yeahh you’re alone!?? Everywhere you look, even the places you never expected to see people coupled up, it’s still a Noah and the ark type of thing.

Take yesterday for instance…we were at Jean Nelson Hall on Legon campus for the FiFA marathon organized by Kuulpeeps and Starbuzz and it made sense to go alone or with the boys cos…FIFA right??? 

Image result for thats accurate gif

So, we are sitting, chilling, watching FIFA, playing FIFA…then our fave celebs came in and…they came in twos!

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Sarkodie came with his wife, Tracy and Medikal came with his rumoured girl, Fela Makafui. Were we excited? Yessss but were we heartbroken too?? Yesss Cos the single life is hard!!!

See that girl on the right? yeah, we know how it feels charle!

Just look at Sark and his wife too…*sigh

But hey! Seeing our faves boo’d up was so sweet we couldn’t stop smiling in the end. Clearly, the key to enjoying a game of FIFA is to have the love of your life by your side cos just look at the smiles on their faces…


In every sense of the word! They served as goals in the game and couple goals too!!

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Your faves could never!

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