What Ashesi Teaches Which The School System Doesn’t


Kuulpeeps we all know the school system doesn’t teach us all about the real world. Here at Ashesi, it is different.

Below are things the school system will not teach you but are taught here at Ashesi.

  • How to sell

Here at Ashesi, you are taught how to sell. Not only to sell your goods and services but also yourself, your brand, and what you stand for. The career services have an elevator pitch training, as well as a business pitch training.  These sessions would help you with the necessary tips on how to sell.

  • How to handle money

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If you can’t handle money, you will learn that here. Being in college, we tend to have the impulse buying spirit. Here at Ashesi, courses such as; Investment, Accounting, Foundation of Design and Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship, gotcha. These courses would teach you how to raise money, how to invest, and how to be accountable for your expenses.

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  • How to build a career

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All hail the Ashesi Career Services. When it comes to employment, they gotcha. During campus free times, the Career Services team, as well as the Career Peer Advisors organize sessions which would add value to building your career. Some of these are the CV Clinic, Career Fair, and so on.

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  • The importance of travel and exposure

At Ashesi, we know the importance of traveling.  Ashesi pushes their students to apply for internships and opportunities across Africa, and across the globe. We have had Ashesians intern at Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and the likes.


Ashesians are also given the opportunity to apply for exchange programmes abroad, so they have international exposure. The Office of Diversity and International Programs makes it possible. Ashesians apply to spend a semester in another university abroad. Some of these universities Ashesi is affiliated with are Wooster, Goucher, Yale, and others.


  • How to be a good business partner

Let’s be honest Ashesians, we all learned this skill in almighty FDE. Foundation of Design and Entrepreneurship (FDE) gives us the basics startups need. This is not limiting to how individuals can be good partners.

  • How to build business relationships


Building business relationships start with the people in your year group, especially the entrepreneurs. That will give you a booster in starting off with how to talk to brands and business.

  • How to lead and delegate properly

Ashesians are taught how to be servant leaders. Courses such as Leadership 1, Leadership 2, Leadership 3, and Leadership 4 help student explore the leadership qualities of leaders in our society. This is evident in how students take up roles in the Ashesi Student Council, as well as the Ashesi Judicial Council.


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  • How to network

The Career Services have sessions where they teach Ashesians how to network. They teach you how to network with brands, companies, and other people.

Are these skills being taught in your school? Let us know.

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