We Can Swear Every Woman Owns One Of These Types Of Bras In Their Closets


Y’all know that no matter the size of boobs, we need something to hold these beautiful creations from God. They have to be kept safe and sound right?

We crawled into your closet and found the basic types of bras every single lady has!

The 24/7 bra

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There’s that one extremely comfortable bra you even find hard to wash because let’s face it, you don’t want to risk parting with it for even one second. It’s so comfortable that you wear it every day to work or school and…admit it, that bra may have a few holes in some corners but hey…who’s looking?

The selzy one

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Don’t lie. You have that one beautiful lacy bra you wear when you’re going to see le boo or a potential boo like…you dunno what’s going to happen right? Better be prepared and be fully fitted underneath in case something goes down…

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The perfect one

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These bras are magical!! It’s like they had you in mind when they were made. They fit perfectly and make your boobs look so…peng!! You put them on and boom your boobies are so beautifully rounded that you ankasa if you get, you’d press them!

The forgotten one

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You’ve definitely got a bra in the corner of your bags or wardrobe somewhere, calmly collecting dust and entertaining cobwebs. You probably wore it once, found it extremely uncomfortable and that was it. You abandoned it!

The special occasions one

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This doesn’t even have to be sexy. It’s almost newish and has nice patterns on it. It’s the bra you wear when you are going out or going someplace important or even travelling cos yeah it’s a special occasions bra and is almost brand new.

Tell us we are wrong and we will buy you a new bra

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