Sexting 101: Your Complete Guide To An Unforgettable Sexting Experience!

See the way you opened the link so fast to read the article. Lamoaaa!! It’s alright. We are also excited to educate you about this topic so no long things. Let’s jump right into it, shall we…?

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First of all, sexting is the sending of sexually explicit messages or images through your phone to someone else. Sending flirty and dirty messages can be a great way to spice up your relationship and keep it fresh. Most people usually don’t know what to say or think they have to be creative before they can sext but the secret is that it’s not by force to start with those kinky, dirty stuff.

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Yes, sometimes it involves that but not all the time. It can be playful and silly but it all boils down to what your partner wants and reacts better to. If you don’t want to start with those explicit content, that’s fine. Just start slow, check out these tips you absolutely need to be able to sext like a pro.

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1. Be Personal

Sexting needs foreplay too! Don’t just jump in headfirst and be like “I’m so horny” every single time and expect it to work on your partner. Hoh. If it was the other way round won’t you blue tick him or her?

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Sometimes that simple text can do the trick but you should change your intro small. Something like, “All I think about is what you did last night with your tongue”.

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Yes! That simple! Once you start like this, your partner’s mind goes straight to that night and boom! You guys are on the same track and you’ll probably be there until you run out of battery.

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2. Don’t be the one who keeps asking questions.

What will you do to me? And then what? And then? And then what? What else? Bruh! Why??

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Questions can be a good way to start the convo or even keep it going but don’t be that person whose only contribution in the conversation is to ask questions. It becomes some way. Generally, there are some people who will give you more info and graphic details but you should always do your part. The other person shouldn’t be the only one doing work.

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3. Give details!

The more the details, the more exciting the whole conversation becomes.

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You should put your essay writing skills you acquired in school into good use here. How much do you want what he says he will give you? How exactly are you going to do what you said you’re going to do? Tell your partner exactly where your hands, lips, etc. are gonna go, and do. Don’t leave them hanging. You’ll spoil the vibe.

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4. Make Use Of Sexy Gifs

Not everyday video of yourself doing whatever sexy thing you think you’re doing to turn him on. There are numerous sexual gifs that can help you in your sexting innuendos; just make use of them!

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It will spice up the conversation. He says something and you reply with a gif of people doing exactly what he said and ask “Like this Papi?”. This is guaranteed to drive your partner crazy with lust over you.

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5. Send Voice Notes

Voice notes can help take things up a notch. Just find yourself in a comfortable position and send a sexy vn featuring your raspy voice aimed at seducing your partner. This is supposed to be a sexy vn so depending on how your partner likes to sext, you can throw in some curse words into the sexy sexy mix.

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Sometimes saf you can just send heavy breathing voice notes and that will do the trick. It’s really intimate to hear each other’s voice.

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6. Read Erotica

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Lol. Yes. You need to. It gives you ideas on what to say, how to say it and when. They’re almost a guide to sexting. Books by Silhouette and Mills and Boons can do the trick.

7. Don’t send nudes with your face.

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See. We know you’re probably dating this guy and you’re head over heels for him but you need to think of the things that could happen. What if a friend sees it and sends it to himself. And he then sends to other friends? Before you know it you’re trending because you were silly enough to send a nude with your face showing.

8. Feel free to lie a bit

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He asks what you’re wearing and you know very well you’re in pyjamas and grandma panties but saying this will obviously kill the mood so you can tell… well, a little white lie. Tell him you’re on your bed wearing a nightie with nothing underneath it. *wink wink*

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By now de3 you should be a pro at sexting. Don’t forget to ease into it and just go with the flow. Use your head when doing it cuz these are texts which could be screenshotted and sent to other people (so we advice you use snapchat or telegram).

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