Lancaster: Scooping Up Weight In Your Period.

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The first wealth in life is health. Did you know that your belly shoots up when you are in your period? 

While many females may feel bloated from head to toe in their period, most areas that swell up are the breast, face, abdomen, legs, ankles and feet. Here are the do’s and dont’s when in your period.


  • Cut back on carbs

When I say carbs I mean sugar, white bread, white rice, fruit juice and flour-based foods and you would not have a problem in your menstrual period.

  • Lessen your salt intake

When lots of salt accumulate in the body, the body reacts by retaining more water so you don’t dehydrate. Excess water is supposed to come out of the body if not you tend to bloat. Therefore minimize your salt intake.

  • Avoid gassy foods

In this context, I mean foods that contain gas. Foods like that make it difficult for your body to digest and hence takes a longer time to digest. Gassy foods may include broccoli, cabbage, beans, cauliflower and many others.




  • Eat food high in Potassium

Finally, something you can take in! Potassium helps in the regulation of fluids in your body. Do eat bananas, sweet potatoes and asparagus which would help stop your belly from bloating.

  • Foods with Healthy Fats

Foods with Healthy fats help lower your hormones that do cause the bloating in your abdomen during menstruation. Healthy fats include lots of avocado, nuts (almond nuts, walnuts, cashew nuts etc.but not groundnuts, chia & flax seeds.

  • Exercise and eat veggies

To enjoy the glow of good health, you ought to exercise a lot and drink hot lemon juice afterwards. Exercise to stimulate, not to annihilate. Eat a lot of vegetables for instance carrot, lettuce, beetroot, okra, mushroom so on and so forth.

  • Sleep

Have a lot of sleep, my dear, you need it. It’s during the time that you’re asleep that the body is able to repair itself including removing excess fluids from your belly. If you give your body enough rest you give your body the time for critical maintenance, you could be leaving excess water in your tummy. Hence get enough sleep.


Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.

NB: You’re what you eat!

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