UG: 5 Unconscious Habits And What They Say About You.

Before we begin, let’s define “habit”, in this context, for the avoidance of any doubt. A habit is “an action performed repeatedly and automatically, usually without awareness.

So here are 5 habits that you have unconsciously formed over the years and what they say about you.

Biting your nails:

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Some people have bitten their nails saa, they can’t even use a nail clipper or blade to trim their nails. There is nothing left to trim; they’ve bitten all. Biting your nails gives you away as nervous. You realise nails are usually bitten when one isn’t too stable or there is something big in the offing, such as an interview, performance (or even a proposal! Lol) and it is accompanied with tons of anxiety.

Fidgeting with your fingers:

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When someone, especially older (or maybe finer lol) is talking to you, perhaps, you don’t know what to do with the ten fingers you have. So, you find yourself fidgeting with them. Again, it shows off you as nervous. You see how the T.V personalities fold their fingers and release them intermittently when they are talking? Aha! You can try that, especially when you’re going for an interview or that fine boy or girl is finally talking to you.

Tapping of feet or fingers:

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This is the first sign of impatience. Imagine you walk up to talk to someone and the whole time, all the person does is to tap fingers on the table or taps the foot. You will be put off. This is Ghana. We have been watching movies. Our conceptions have been shaped. No one will tell you the person is uninterested or feels like you are wasting the person’s time. If you do this, this is probably the perception people have of you.

Playing with your hair:

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All the ladies in the house, give us a wave. Perhaps this is the most unconscious habit on the list. Observe the girls. When she is not really occupied or she is very occupied, you might probably watch her running her fingers through her hair and tugging at a tuft of her hair. A girl who does this may strike you as inattentive or perhaps her mind is wandering, and that is true most of the time. Imagine you’re at a high-profile meeting which would be transmitted live and the camera catches you fidgeting with your hair. Totally not cool. Conscious effort to stop this, ladies?

Earphones always plugged in:

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You may not realise it, but perhaps, you may have prevented people who would have otherwise spoken to you from actually doing so. Imagine you’re seated in a shuttle, and someone comes to sit beside you, wanting to start a conversation or needing directions or something. The person turns around and all the people the person could have easily asked all have earphones plugged in. Do you get the picture? You unconsciously make yourself unapproachable. Imagine you are busily talking to someone and the person has earphones plugged in. You know how annoying it is. You too ah, you don’t smile on top. Why won’t people say you’re unfriendly and unapproachable?

Did you find something you’ve been catching yourself doing? Try hard to lose these habits as they have a connotation that is not too positive. So you see, sometimes, it is not like people misjudge you oh. It’s how they see you from what you’ve been consistently doing: your habits. It’s nothing personal.

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