GIJ: It’s I.A Season. Here Are A Few Tricks To Help You Survive In This Season

It’s here once again.

Yes! The Season Interim Assignment (I.A) is upon us and we have to embrace it whether we like it or not.

Well today, we are going to give you a few tips about how to prepare adequately for I.A’s, especially impromptu ones.

1. Know the week the I.A’s start. Make sure you visit the school’s notice board regularly to remind yourself about the week I.A’s start.


2. Have access to all the course outlines from all the courses you are offering. Access to the course outlines might give a clue to where the questions are going to come from.

3. Read slides and lecture notes regularly or days before the I.A. Going through your notes might make you remember some examples given in class by the lecturer.

4. It’s not an end of semester examination, but you should be cautious of examination malpractices. Avoid trying to cheat in the lecture hall because there would be T.A’s.

5. Finally, be on campus early to have discussions with colleagues. Who knows, maybe one might have some ap). LOL


Apply these rules or techniques and we assure you have a complete 30 per cent for your interim assessment.

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