TTU: Here Are 10 Types Of Roommates Every Uni Student Will Live With


Your roommates should definitely fall into any of these categories, if not then you are living with an extraterrestrial being.

The Neat Freak

If you’re relatively tidy, you’ll probably get along fine with this super organized germaphobe; but if you’re not, be prepared for lines to be drawn. You don’t want to mess up the room.

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Do so at your own peril.

The Mom or Dad

This is the person who keeps everything together – including you. He or she is essentially the mom or dad of the room. They know everything… really, everything. They know how to cook, how to clean. They know how to survive alone.

In short, they are a life-saver when you need help with something.

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But, sometimes, they can be a bit too serious and need a bit of help when it comes to going with the flow.

The mom or dad is probably one of the best roommates to live with because they are just so helpful (please help us).

The Hibernators

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Always sleeping, hardly goes for lectures, rarely does any chores in the room, ugh this category of roomies is one of the worst.

The upside is they often keep to themselves hence do really not bother anyone.

The One Who Thinks Everything You Have Is For Sharing

If you suddenly notice your favourite dress has gone missing or that the box of Cornflakes you opened yesterday is now mysteriously empty, you’re probably living with this type of roommate.

It’s not that they are mean-spirited; they just have a very loose sense of boundaries. Talk to him or her about it calmly first and with luck, realize the error of his or her ways and stop using your things without asking.

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If it continues still, invest in some lockable storage containers. A person can’t use what he or she can’t get to.

The Academians

The ones who have an answer to every question. They secured their first-class seats right from level 100 and they have all plans to sit in it till the very end.

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This roomie no matter how smart he or she is or how good his or her study habits are is always worried he or she would fall from 1st Class.

They would move into the library if they could — not because they don’t like you, but because they’ll be in the ideal study environment all day, every day.

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The Ghost

This roomie is never around. Never. They wake up before you and come home after you’ve gone to bed. To be honest, you don’t really know what they get up to.

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Maybe they are just busy, you tell yourself. But deep down, you have a feeling they are part of the Illuminati or something. No, just kidding. This person probably has a busy schedule; classes, clubs and their social life are all maxed out.

You might see them between their classes, or when they come home to get their gym stuff, but other than that, you hardly see them.

They’re a great person, and you don’t really have any complaints. They are just very mysterious.

The One Who Sexiles You All The Time

Imagine heading back to your room after a stressful day of lectures only to receive a call from your roommate saying, “Chale today aget match oo”. Ugh, don’t we all hate this?

This type of roommate in most cases are guys who just can’t seem to get it into their skulls that the room isn’t a hotel room or a brothel. Brothers, stop forcing your roomies to take unplanned walks at odd times of the night, they are tired!

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The Opposites

Remember how we all hoped to have a roommate whom we would have things in common with? This prayer was not definitely not answered as some of us got assigned to a roommate who is the complete opposite of you in every possible way.

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Your sleep schedules don’t match up, your living habits are totally different, and you have absolutely nothing in common. If there was a roommate room swap option, after a month or two you would have definitely checked it out.

The Crife Ones

All is vanity with this one. No clubbing, no, no partying in anyway whatsoever. The entirety of their lives revolves around church.

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Don’t even try to talk them into joining you for parties and other such events, they’d quote a scripture for every line you say.

The Perfect Match

Finally, we have the perfect roommate.

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This is someone who has the best of all worlds. They are neat, but not too picky. They have fun, but they also take life seriously when they need to. Also just as clueless as you, but they are willing to learn. And, they are your best friend. If you have someone like this as your roommate, you got seriously lucky

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