UG: Hey Freshers! Here Is The Schedule For Your X-ray Examination.


All freshers are to note that the x-ray examination will take place between 12 noon and 5pm on each of the scheduled days below.

Volta Hall: 23rd – 24th October 2018.

Commonwealth Hall: 24th -26th October 2018.

Legon Hall: 26th – 30th October.

Mensah Sarbah Hall:  30th – 2nd November.

Akuafo Hall: 5th – 7th November.

Valco Hall: 7th – 9th November

Jubilee Hall: 9th – 12th November

International Hostel:  12th – 13th November.

Kwapong Hall; 13th to 15th.

Elizabeth Sey Hall: 15th – 19th

Evandy Hostel:  19th – 21st.

Bani Hostel: 21st – 23rd November.

TF Hostel: 23rd – 27th

Liman Hall: 27th – 29th

Jean Nelson Hall: 29th – 3rd.

City Campus and Nonresidents : 3rd – 6th.

The examinations are compulsory and must be taken by each student.

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