It Takes Just A Second To Unlock Your Inner ‘Bad Beetch’ With These 5 Types Of Nose Piercings

Don’t let anyone’s exaggerated screams hold you back cos piercings are so cool!! It’s a bit dicey getting them done in Ghana because of the looks people will give you but once you get past that…it’s easy to fall in love with the cool and edgy look you get, that’s absolutely amazing!

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There are many body parts you can get a piercing but the ears and nose are like the safest most Ghanaians try.

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Now when it comes to nose piercings, there’s so much you can do and so many places you can put different types of jewellery in.


This is pretty common and it’s usually what every bad ‘beetch’ goes for. It’s a painless procedure and has the widest range of jewellery potential. Because this piercing’s location is easily accessible, you can use studs, nostril screws, L-shaped pins, nose rings, circular barbells (commonly known as horseshoes), and captive ball rings.


This is a facial piercing which is done horizontally between the bridge region of the nose. It’s really dope and is also referred to as surface piercing cos it merely passes through the skin and does not go through bone or cartilage. The right jewellery to use is the curved barbells and circular barbells.

It’s the perfect piercing type for people who have enough skin in the bridge region of the nose cos then, it’s easy to avoid complications and the risk of rejection which is your body basically saying ‘nooo I don’t want this. lemme heal up quickly and close dem holes up’

Vertical Tip

This piercing starts from just above the tip of the nose to just under the tip of the nose and is actually more painful than the other nose piercings. The perfect and only jewellery to use is the curved barbell.

Septum piercing

This is one of the coolest piercings in nose piercing history lol. People like to ask if you’re a cow when you get this done but ay that doesn’t stop it from being cool af!! There’s also the rumour that this type of piercing is associated with gay people. You can enjoy septum piercing with circular barbells, captive bead rings, and gauges.

High Nostril

It is done near the nose bridge and at a location higher than the regular nostril piercing. High nostril piercings are best suited to studs, nostril screws, and L-shaped pins, or variations on those types of jewellery, and are not well suited to rings and hoops. They are tricky to reach, and for that reason can be difficult to pierce.

Nose piercings aren’t painful at all…most people describe it as a faint prick and that’s it! So, forget everything else and try getting one or two or even all from any of the professionals in Ghana and flourish!


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