Ashesi: This Is Why A Demonstration Will Never Happen On Campus


Hope we all have been following the KNUST demonstration on the Kuulpeeps KNUST page. The peaceful demonstration turned into a not so expected disruptive demonstration.

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We at Ashesi are not saying demonstrations can’t happen on campus. But the likelyhood of it happening is minimal. Below are the reasons why.

1. The thing is, Ashesi won’t give you the opportunity to go on a demonstration like this.

2. Administration would have found a way to solve the issues students are facing.

3. Even if the issues are not solved, the school authorities would find a way to get students to get involved in solving it.

4. So even if we were rowdy naturally, there’s this way of thinking at Ashesi that will make you ditch your ways.

5. We have townhall meetings every semester. At town hall meetings, students are given the platform to voice out their concerns to school authorities; Staff, Faculty, the Provost, Lecturers, the Dean of Students, the President. Feedback is given to students at the townhall meeting, or via email to the Ashesi community.





6. Last but not least, the Ashesi Judicial Council (AJC) and the Judicial Exexutive Council (JEC), enforces the Ashesi rules and regulations on campus.

At Ashesi, the voice of the people is heard and worked upon. Every student’s voice is important.

Kuulpeeps, how is life on your campus?

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