Ashesi: Wondering What To Do During The Mid-Sem Break? This Is For You


Mid-semester break is almost here. For others, theirs started the moment they were done with exams.

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You better believe that.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi is here to help you, Ashesians. Yes, you, you, and you. We got you all. We’ve got tips on how you make this mid-semester break as useful as possible. Before we delve into what this article is about, we hope you had successful mid-semester exams and presentations.

Below are some activities you can try out during your mid-semester break.

  1. Read a book











A book a day keeps the mind active. Let’s be real. You guys are not going to do any accounting, or finance, or programming. So why not read a book. Borrow a book or a set of books from the Todd and Ruth Warren Library. Don’t let the mind be dull. Keep it active.

2. Impact society with the little resources you have










During school hours, we are so occupied with work to the extent that we forget that other people need our assistance. You can join the community engagement clubs on campus to impact some positive change in someone’s life.

3. Unwind on a trip









We all know college is not easy. Attending lectures, doing assignments, preparing for quizzes, and so much more. Since you have been busting your brains the entire semester to get your academic work done, it’s now time to relax the mind. Take a road trip, climb the top of the mountain or hill and take a picture, go on a go-carting ride, explore a new region – go with the objective of unwinding.  Embrace it while you can.

4. Catch up with some old friends










Let’ s admit that Ashesi is far from town. And going to town to just party or spend time with friends can be tiresome. This is the time you can do all that. Call your friends, go out to a pub, or restaurant, and talk it out.

5. Update your CV/Resume











This summer, if you engaged in any internships or volunteer work, this is the period where you have all the time to update your CV. Fill it with all the achievements you have achieved so far.

Enjoy your mid-semester break. It is only a week, so make it worthwhile while it lasts. Looking forward to seeing a rejuvenated you back on campus when the second half of the semester begins!

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