10 Rappers Who Dropped Bars And Effortlessly Switched Lanes Into The Movie Industry

It’s not unusual to see rappers doing a bit of acting every once in awhile. We have become used to it… after all, they are all in the entertainment industry right?

Now although there have been many rappers doing the acting thing, there are just a few who have ventured into Hollywood and took to it like fish in water.

Here are 10 of our favourite rappers turned movie stars!

50 Cent

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We all know 50 Cent as the rapper who allegedly got shot 50 times in his cheek and gave us ”Candy Shop” Now he is known and associated with the TV Show, ‘‘Power”.

Mark Wahlberg

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We were today years old when we found out he used to be a rapper!!! He’s known for a zillion movies but he actually started as an original member of New Kids On The Block. He quit after only three months in the group, then went on his own as Marky Mark. He didn’t flop too! He hit the top of the charts in 1991 with the debut single Good Vibrations.

surprising huh?

Donald Glover

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We know Donald Glover as a brilliant actor and producer and we love his show, Atlanta!! He will be playing Simba in the remake of the Lion King next year and was in a Star Wars movie too but that doesn’t mean he’s left his music career behind…We were in awe when he dropped This Is America this year.


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Common has had a couple of acting roles with the most current one being Star’s father in the movie, ”The Hate U Give”

Queen Latifah

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It’s hard remembering a time when she was a rapper. We see her so many times in our movies now and she’s brilliant at it!! Tell me you didn’t love her in Girls Trip!

Will Smith

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The internet’s daddy. He won our hearts from Fresh Prince and has since been in way too many movies, playing different roles, it’s hard to remember him as a rapper. He showed us he’s still got it tho when he joined his son to create the perfect ”Icon” remix, dropping heated bars we thought he’d forgotten!


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Ludacris is an amazing rapper and an amazing actor too. If you haven’t seen anything from him, you’ve definitely seen him in the never ending Fast and Furious movies.

Ice Cube

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This hard guy was part of the N.W.A group which has been referred to as one of the pioneers of gangster rap. He was super successful in his music career and when it comes to movies too…he’s hilarious!! He’s starred in Fridays, Ride Along and produced Straight Outta Compton.

Mos Def

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Well before his rap career, he was a child actor but he effortlessly eased back into acting and is known for his roles in ”The Italian Job” and ”Brown Sugar’‘.

LL Cool J

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Y’all remember ‘‘In the House”? LL Cool J starred in that series and has since been in a couple of movies such as S.W.A.T. and Any Given Sunday.

There are a bunch more rappers who have comfortably moved into the movie scene and are thriving and we don’t hate it one bit!


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