UCC: 5 Benefits of Belonging To A Study Group.

group of happy college students looking back

Learning in the tertiary level could be entirely different from learning at the basic or high school level.

UCC lecturers are notorious for their quotes like: ‘Once you have the course outline it is assumed that everything has been taught’.

You might think of it as a joke but before you realise, mandem has only met you twice all semester.

Here’s what good though, Study Groups!

Let’s run through some of the benefits of belonging to a study group.

Helps you Learn Faster.

For that crazy assignment, why don’t you consider doing it in groups? It’s generally faster. Your guy solves question 3, another solves number 2, another solves the other question and before you realise Y’all are done for good. The thing here is, you gotta check who you are solving these question with coz Chaleyy we said faster not accurate.


Get New Insights.

Have you ever been to a group study and you a hear someone make a submission and you wonder if you are in the same class with them. Truth be told people get head roff.  You are then tempted to think and make a similar killer submission but, You know, on a second thought you be like Naaa lemme just process this insight the dude gave first.


Solves Procrastination.

 There is this tendency for you to skip reading for later, then later becomes latest, before you realise you’ve become the late.-that’s extreme but attending group studies regularly can help curb that “let me read it later” vibe.

Learn New Study Skills.

You meet other group members who have other effective learning skills that you might pick a few details from and apply personally to yours.

Real World Practice.

Working with others gives you that opportunity to develop your people skills. In the real world, you meet people bearing characteristics similar to that of people you were in the group study with. If you were able to reasonably tolerate your group’s members, bi like you can tolerate the whole world.


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