MUCG: She Just No Dey Feel You My Guy, Here are Some Signs To Show!

Indeed there’s nothing like the ‘thrill of the chase’ but at what point do we realize that our pursuit really might be a wild goose chase. Stop stressing, this is why Kuulpeeps MUCG is here.

We’ll fill you in with all the juice. Here are some signs to prove she’s just not interested in you.

  • She avoids you.
  • She never calls or texts back, and if she does her replies are blunt and terse

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  • She makes it obvious she’s taken. If she isn’t into you she’ll make it known she’s taken or she’ll lie about it just to get you to leave her alone
  • She doesn’t care to know anything about you

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  • She never seems to make time for you. It’s always you who has to adjust to her schedule
  • She deliberately goes out of her way to make sure that the world knows you’re not together

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  • She’s generally annoyed whenever you spend time together
  • She unperturbed whenever other women start flirting with you
  • She tells you forthrightly that she’s not into you

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  • She constantly flakes on plans
  • She gets weird about or won’t commit to future plans
  • The relationship is always one-sided. It’s always you initiating everything and never her
  • She avoids physical contact

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Don’t waste your energy on a female who has zero interest in you. Just throw in the towel and bow outta the chase gracefully. You’ll do yourself a whole lot of good.

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