MUCG: How Do You Carry Your Bag? This is What It Says About You.


Hey peeps! Find out what body language experts have to say about the way you carry your bag.

Over One Shoulder With Bag Close To The Body:

You’re practical and need others to prove that they are worthy of your trust.

You don’t waste your time with little things. Your cautious and wary tendency means that you feel the need to be smart in public and watch out for yourself.

Over One Shoulder With Bag Swinging Freely:

You’re spontaneous and have got a carefree attitude and like to take life as it comes.

You’re known as being confident and self-assured. You favor functionality over a display.

In The Crook Of Your Elbow:

It depicts a flaunting of prestige and authority. It depicts power as well. You put priority over status and position. You feel as if you’ve got a sense of superiority.

In Your Hand:

This style exudes a more sophisticated and put-together quality. People think you as being assertive, well-organized and efficient.

In Front Of Body With Both Hands:

It indicates shyness and a need to protect oneself. You prefer to stay out of the spotlight.

Cross Body With Bag In Front:

You want as much freedom of movement possible coupled with a feeling of protection and accessibility. The function is more important than appearance.

Cross Body With Bag In Back:

You come across around as a cool, calm and collected person that is more trusting of others. You’re great at shaking off life’s burdens and like to view life through a casually relaxed lens.


You are more independent and want to take care of yourself and the people around you. While freedom is important, you primarily like to be prepared for any situation.

You’re reliable and don’t stress about what people think of you. You determine your own coolness and pride yourself in being self-sufficient.

No Bag At All:

You imply a privileged position where others carry the load for you. You are self-assured. You have so much going on for you that carrying a bag is not something to concern yourself with.

Or it could mean you’re completely unencumbered and want to move freely. You are very secure in your own identity and like to be defined by who you are as opposed to the things you wear.

Yhurp Yhurp! There you have it guys. You should find your fit among those.

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