KNUST: Students Assaulted By Campus Security Who Are Supposed To Be Protecting Them

What started as a jolly “JAMA” session between two halls turned sour, when security personnel pounced on students and beat them with batons and electric shockers based on a suspicion that they were rioting against the board of the school.

On Friday, students of the University hall and Unity hall, fondly called Katanga and Conti respectively, were having a jolly time at their regular Friday night “JAMA” session when campus security personnel appeared and started meting out serious beatings to students present.

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The campus security personnel arrested few of the students and handed them over to the police to be detained.

One out of the twelve students who were arrested is currently battling for his life at the University hospital after reportedly being manhandled by the campus personnel.

The rest who have been since detained, are in cells awaiting investigation by the Police service.

Affected parents have expressed anger and utter disgust about the issue, most of them are of the view that the Vice-Chancellor should be sacked, whereas the mother of the student who has been admitted, hurled curses at the Vice Chancellor.


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Parents of victim express utter disgust about the maltreatment. #SAYNOTOBRUTALITYINKNUST #Kuulpeepsknust

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We will keep you updated on the turnout of events.

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