Want To Get Him Out Of Your Mind? Let’s Help You With These 7 Ways To Forget Him

Hi ladies! We know how breakups can hurt! Feels like someone keeps tugging at your heart hard, literally! Despite the pain, you can’t seem to stop thinking about him. You keep checking your phone to see if he’s texted. You imagine your wedding day and even daydream about the little babies you plan to adopt together.

You need to stop. This isn’t healthy for you. Not one bit. But you don’t know how to stop obsessing over him. Don’t worry. Check out these 5 ways to wash that man right out of your hair!

1. Stop Texting Him!

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Seriously! Stop!! Why are you still chasing after someone who doesn’t want you? Someone who doesn’t even think about you. It’s not worth it baby girl. Know your worth! There are plenty of guys who would kill for you. You deserve every bit of attention you’re not getting from this guy.

2. Forgive

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Forgive who/whatever caused you two to break up; whether it was you or him. No matter the situation. If you are still fixated on the hurt you cannot grow from it. You’ll keep thinking about the situation and him. What happened was horrible but does it define who you are? Don’t forgive for him. Forgive for you.

3. Write a list about things you don’t like about him

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If you keep thinking about him, chances are, in your mind you’ve put him on a pedestal and you need to bring him down. To help you do this, you need to write a list you didn’t like about him but because you were in the relationship, you were tolerating them. Now, focus on these things. Anytime his name comes up, think about these things. Youll get over him soon enough.

4. Focus On Yourself

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This point is very very important. When you were in the relationship, you used to think about both of you. Now that it has ended, it’s time to focus on yourself girl!! Spoil yourself! Go out and chill. Life is only one oo. Enjoy it while it lasts. Find activities to do so you won’t have time to think about him. Always wanted to learn to dance? Start classes. Been out of the gym for a while? Go Back. Always wanted to learn a language? Download the first module. These things not only get your mind off him but also helps you grow. You tend to feel good about yourself and become a more fulfilled and attractive person.

5. Bang someone else

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Lmao! You probably weren’t expecting this point but yh! Bone someone else. You know yourself better than anyone. For some people, it’s really helpful to have sexual encounters with other people to help you get over someone. For others, it makes them miss their ex even more. But we would say don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

6. Talk to friends about their problems.

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Talking about other people’s problems help keep your mind off yours. Talk to your friends. You’ve spoken about your problems for long. It’s time to be a good friend.

7. Bang someone else

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Looool! Oh seriously! Maybe the first guy wasn’t so impressive. Give it ONE more try just in case.


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