UCC: 7 Things We Realized From The Crack A Rib Comedy Show.

UCC’s very own; Opana POP, hosted his second edition of “Crack a Rib” – the official biggest comedy show on the land of UCC.

Students and comedy lovers alike thronged into the PAX Auditorium on Friday night to have a time of their lives. The event saw lots of juicy acts from some of the finest comedians in Ghana.

Also, the audience was thrilled to some good music performances from the finest acts there is in UCC.

The DJ’s turn the place up mad.

KuulpeepsUcc gathered the following vibes from last night’s performance.

  • DKB is the king of Ghana’s comedy: Well, we know that you know, and he really killed the place bad. The best was saved for last and DKB made good use of this adage. He had the audience rolling with laughter and engaged very well with them as well.


  • An event is only as good as the Mc; last night’s performance was a success and the Mc; – Mj TheComedian had things running for him. It is safe to say he literally facilitated the success of the show from start to finish. He thrilled the crowd with jokes here and there and really had a vibe going on for him. KuulpeepsUcc’s interaction with a section of the audience after the show revealed that MJ the comedian was the man of the night for them.




  • Comedians too dey slay: because of the nature of the job, it is not uncommon to find casually dressed comedians on stage every now and then. It turns out that’s always not the case as some people are really slaying in the “comedy office”. If you never saw comedians as fashion figures, better think twice cause they’ve got their foot up in the game, and they aren’t stepping down anytime soon.


  • Opana POP be making waves; looks like our mandem dey really ground up chale. Getting the finest of comedians in Ghana is not an easy task, and getting the whole team together at one place is a harder task. But Grace and Grind really smiled on him as he was able to achieve this big feat. He packed the auditorium with almost half a thousand students.

  • UCC be some wild crowd: this is mainly for those who think UCC students are dull and with no sign of life. Sorry to burst your bubbles fam, from “fresh a fair” to Crack a Rib, the energy has been mad chale. The students just can’t wait for the other programs of the semester to unfold. And oh, DKB commended the audience for the energy and love shown. He said they made it to his list as one of the wildest crowds he had ever performed for. It’s safe to say for a successful program in UCC, just get your acts and have the audience marvelled. We ain’t dull chaley!


  • Forget the Headmaster (DKB), we just found the mouthpiece of the showbiz: lol. DKB’s been getting a lot of attention and love because of his ‘’cute’’ head but it seems like the game has a new phase of competition as the night unveiled the “mouthpiece” of the comedy show. Opana POP said, and we quote, “I know I don’t have a small mouth and people have started calling me the mouthpiece of comedy”. He said, “I am the shatta wale of the game”

  • The student executives really support their own; last night’s event was graced by some prominent executives of the school both at the JCRC and SRC levels. They patronized the tickets, came in their numbers and went wild with the crowd. It was a sight to behold.

These are 7 impressions we made off Crack A Rib comedy program, you got any other views? Share them up in the comment section.

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