Legon: The Hall Week Vs IA Season. How To Pass Your IA And Still Not Miss The Hall Week Fun

Is there anything called perfect timing at all? Look how the IA season is clashing with the hall weeks. How do you get to enjoy the school and feel that You’ve actually come to University, without failing your IAs?

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Let’s be honest, you badly want to rep all the hall weeks but you have IAs that you cannot trail too.

Right now it’s Kwapong Hall week and you are wondering what if my favourite artiste comes.

Ei, wait……

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What if I use that time to learn my notes for the IA.

Lol, That’s where we come in….

All work and no play makes Jack a really really dull boy. Besides the hall week are organized for you anyway so here is how to combine learning for your IA and Attending the hall week.

First of all Time Allocation

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We all know that from 7 pm going the artistes start to troop in, especially the underground. The early part of your day, you can assign a specific number of hours to study for your IA. If you are part of the squad that haven’t opened your book since day one dierr you’d have to start in the morning causeeee…….. lol. However, if you are not a morning learner, you could go the the show, sleep and set an alarm for the late night.


Specific Target Plan 

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You probably have a particular artiste you are waiting for. Maybe your friend is an underground artiste performing or you are waiting for the headline act. If it is underground dier, they perform early so you can go and cheer him or her on, then go back to studying. However, if you are waiting for the main artiste, you have enough time. Let’s face facts, they come like an hour to time or even less early. You could be studying during that time, take a break when they come and then go back. You don’t have to stay for the whole show, you’d really not be doing anything biaa.

Don’t Go At ALL

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This advice is for those who feel they have too much to learn or they can’t get everything within a stipulated time. Just save yourself. You came to school to make the grades. That particular artiste is earning his money, focus on yours. Just get the grade and miss the show. There will be many more programs later lol.

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