Legon: Here Are 4 Hacks To Dim Your Light To Suit The Occasion.


Imagine planning a movie night with the bae with some low lights. Or organizing a drink up with some DIY disco lights.  Not to talk of setting the mood so that you and bae can THE DO

( You know what we mean).

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Nobody wants extremely bright lights in their faces late at night, do they??

So here are some tips that you can use to pimp your light in the room to set the mood for any event. Yes you, not an interior designer or lamp from Kikuu, you yourself.

Disposable Cups 

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You can get any disposable cup of your choice, based on your colour preference. All you need to do is create holes at the opposite sides, pull a rope or thick thread through and tie it against the light wires. Easy huh??

Polythene Bag

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All you need is a dark coloured polythene. Tie it around the wires of the bulb and you are good to go.

Nail Polish

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This is the hardest but most effective process. Get a nail polish colour you want and paint the entire bulb before fixing into its socket. Turn on the switch and viola!!


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You could also wrap the bulb up in coloured paper and solution tape and fix it in the bulb socket.

If all these things feel too complicated, take a drive and get yourself some low lighted bulbs.


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