Trigmatic Calls For Internships For SHS Students To Help Them Gain Practical Experience


This year, a lot has been said about the Ghana Educational System.

More so when the government decided to implement the double track system for the Free SHS programme which would see some SHS students stay at home while their colleagues are in school.

The discourse about our education got an emotional tone when the NSMQ quiz mistress, Dr. Elsie Kaufmann revealed that the winners of the 2018 National Science and Maths Quiz could not perform at the 49th International Physics Olympiad (IPhO 2018) in Portugal because they had not been taught how the pieces of physics equipment were used.

Yes… our education is very book based, we draw the equipment in books and accurately label their parts. We memorize all the gazillion things the equipment can be used for – but students often never actually see one or even use one to know how it is used to do all the things the students are forced to memorize.

Even the ‘practical’ part of the curriculum mostly involves a pen and paper, drawing and writing equations without actually have to put them to test in the real world.

It is this method of teaching that made our brightest look like they’ve got no brains when the entire world was watching in Portugal.

In the most part, it is the same as the Ghanaian teacher who drew a Microsoft word interface on the board to teach his pupils ICT.

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According to Trigmatic “Many have been condemned and tagged as bad students just because they couldn’t catch up with our (chew and pour) system.”

“The kind of system we have reflects in our economic state, governance and even leaders across board. People school for years and when they get on the field, nothing,” Trigmatic said in the comment section of a Kuulpeeps Instagram post which highlighted the need to change the country’s educational system.

“We were made to believe that polytechnics and training institutions are below standard and this led many shunning away from taking on practical courses,” he said.

Trigamtic believes that “we must encourage internship and attachments from an early age while we still in school. This will encourage good working habits and training as well as encourage volunteerism.”

When the students are on internship, they will at least study the practical aspects of the courses they are reading.

It could also take the cost of implementing a practical education away from the government by enlisting the help of the private sector to accept interns.

In the west, people as young as 16 years old take up small jobs, it is their introduction to the job market.

Now that the free SHS students will be at home for some time, that spare time could be used for the internship instead of attending another ‘chew pour’ vacation classes.

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