Legon Is Blessed With Beauty. Here Are 5 Things To Know About Adwoa Noella, A Delegate For Miss Malaika ’18.

We are still inhaling the sweetness of the Malaika queens and this time, we are proud again to have another delegate from our homeland;  Miss Vanessa Ewuradwoa Noel Nyarkoa Donkor, who most of us know her as Adwoa Noella.

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Do you want to know who she is?  Then let’s ride along.


She’s was the host of High School clique before  Miss Malaika


She studies Biomedical Engineering at the University of Ghana.

A Queen without brains ….is that one too a Queen?

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She’s an entertainment lover,

no wonder she’s a Fante.

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With or without the crown, she’s still in the entertainment industry because before Maliaka she was hosting High school Clique.


Also, she’s a proud AOGA yes, she’s an old girl of Aburi Girls. One of the best girls schools in the country.


According to her, the journey has been challenging because its out of her comfortable zone and requires a lot of efforts.

TEXT “ADWOA” to 1757

Go girl !!! You have our support.

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