10 Van Damme Movies That Prove He Was Every Guy’s Childhood Hero

Everyone wanted to be Van Damme, growing up. Proper blowman with the right muscles and hero skills to get every little boy shouting ”I am Van Damme!!!”

Today, he turns 58. Here are 10 of his finest movies!!

Kickboxer 1989

This is the movie that had every boy thinking they could do karate!

Street Fighter 1994

This movie was made from the popular video game ‘Street Fighter’ and boy did we love it!!

Double Impact 1991

Van Damme played a double role, playing both himself and his twin brother in this movie and this was one of the first times we saw that on TV.

Double Team 1997

In this movie, Van Damme teamed up with an arms dealer to complete an unfinished job.


Expendables 2 (2012)

Image result for expendables van damme

Van Damme played the bad guy in this movie and faced off Stallone’s Expendables.


Lionheart 1990

In this movie, Van Damme fights on the streets to raise money for his dead brother’s family. Legend!


Hard Target 1993

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Van Damme was hired by a woman looking for her dad and mannnnn!!!


Cyborg (1989)

Do you remember that movie where Van Damme was crucified? This is it!!!


No Retreat No Surrender 1986

This was another movie where Van Damme was the villian.



The Quest 1996

After he was kidnapped and sold to pirates, Van Damme found himself on an island where he learned to fight and came back with a vengeance!!

Movie marathon this weekend with these movies???


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