What Sort Of Exercises Do You Think Will Guarantee Your Weight Gain? See If Your List Corresponds With Ours.

In the previous weeks, we’ve been focussing on binge eating in order to gain weight.

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But the gag is, eating without any form of exercise just makes you accumulate fat.

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People who manage to combine a good diet with appropriate exercise, end up looking healthy and amazing. When a person exercises appropriately, the food consumed gets utilized and converted into muscle mass which helps in building a good and healthy body. These exercises will not only help men to pack on mass but also women to gain weight.

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Before we start, ladies should not be bothered about building muscles or appearing masculine after a stipulated period of time. This is because a woman’s body is not endowed with high levels of testosterone that help in building and rebuilding the muscle fibres. Hence, muscle training stands zero chances of making you look muscular.

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Check out the top weight gain exercises below.

1. Push-Ups

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Pushups are a well-known bodyweight exercise. To do a pushup, you lie face down on the ground with your feet on your toes and your palms on the ground just beside your chest. Extend your arms to push up your body until your arms are extended. Lower yourself back toward the ground to begin the next repetition.

Push-ups force the muscles in your arms and chest to work harder than they do under normal circumstances.

2. Swimming

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Yup. Swimming regularly can help you get the weight you’re so bent on gaining. The reason why swimmers gain weight is due to an increase in muscle mass and not due to putting on more fat. As you put on lean muscle, you will notice an increase in body weight. However, at the same time, you will notice that your clothing size decreases. When a person swims diligently, his appetite gets aggravated and he tends to consume a lot of food, which causes weight gain.

3. Jogging

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It’s good cardiovascular exercise which has the ability to boost the person’s metabolism. This results in adding muscle mass to a lean body as a person develops the ability to digest heavy meals easily and add lots of proteins in the process.

4. Squats

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Yeah, we know lil booties matter and all but who doesn’t want a little more fat or muscle to their butts? They are an option when it comes to putting on weight around the quadriceps, the back and the calves. The area around the legs is the largest muscle zone and one can gain much weight if these lunges and squats are performed in sets.

5. Yoga

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It involves the enactment of poses with precision and correct pattern of breathing. Yoga increases your appetite, which helps you gain weight. It balances your bodily and mental functions, which act as triggers to increase your body weight. It also relaxes the mind which indirectly helps in gaining weight.


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