Timeline: The Amazing Things Billionaire Kevin Okyere Has Done Since His Forbes Interview

Kevin Okyere

In our part of the world where success is rarely celebrated, we have chosen to go out of way to do the contrary.

When a young person is able to blaze a trial and make a meaningful impact into the lives of others, we kinda fell obliged to talk about it.

Ever since we chanced upon the Forbes interview that brought Kevin Okyere into the light, we have been following him with keen interest.

Kevin Okyere is a young guy who came from an affluent home, he didn’t have to do much himself to live a comfortable life.

But Kevin always knew he wanted to do more.

August 27: He told Forbes how his journey had started. A year after working for his sister, he put together a small team of investors and established Westland Alliance Ltd, a telecoms company that provided international call routing services for AT&T and several international calling card companies.

Westland Alliance and its subsidiaries eventually diversified into cell towers and value-added services (VAS) for mobile phone companies. The company was extremely successful, but it wasn’t long before he got tired of the telecoms business and decided to opt out.

In 2006, while still running Westland Alliance, Okyere started working with a business acquaintance who supplied crude oil and condensates to the Tema refinery.

Flush with cash from his telecom adventures, he acquired land and began building a storage tank farm in Tema, close to the refinery.

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Authorities were so impressed with what he was building, so much that they asked him to apply for a Petroleum Product import license.

That marked the genesis of Springfield Energy’s flagship trading business. Ever since 2008, Springfield Energy has imported refined petroleum products such as gasoline, dual-purpose kerosene, gas oil, naphtha and jet fuel to Ghana.

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Now, Springfield has an oil exploration block, a first for a wholly owned Ghanaian company.

September 4: Trying to pay it forward, Kevin Okyere, through the Akua Kuenyehia Foundation, started by sponsoring four girls who had gained admission to the prestigious African Leadership University.

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“It’s a pleasure to be able to sponsor these girls and witness their dreams come true. My only request is that they contribute back to society and make an impact on social change,” he said.

October 2: Sometimes one is reminded that it doesn’t matter the amount of money one has, what is important is life experiences and having time to share your life with the people. Kevin Okyere spent about $100,000 trying to save the life of his friend who was battling cancer.

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“One might regret investing about $100,000 only for things to turn out contrary to what you had hoped and prayed for. However, the precious moments added to his life, the quality time spent with his family and friends after his renewed appreciation of all around him – that last year of his life has no price tag,” Kevin said on Instagram.

October 15: Maybe, that feeling of helping someone in need of support when battling sickness might have influenced Kevin Okyere’s next action.

Instead of helping only those he might know personally, he decided to join forces with the 37 Military Hospital to help people with financial challenges access quality healthcare.

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This partnership will see Kevin pay monthly allowances to the Emergency Ward of the hospital to stock common, yet extensively critical medication for the patients admitted to the emergency ward.

October 16: Kevin followed that with another amazing act. This time, he put about 140 schoolchildren on a scholarship. Each schoolchild will receive GHS 1,200 each year.

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Each schoolchild was also given school bags, exercise books, uniforms, shoes, stationery, and a daily stipend for a wholesome meal every day for a year.

Look, some heroes don’t wear capes, some wear construction helmet instead.

Kevin Okyere

Good job, Kevin Okyere.

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