Did DJ Breezy Also Appropriate An Old Song For The ‘Tonga’ Beat Without Giving Credit?

DJ Breezy

We reported yesterday that DJ Breezy accused Ice Prince of appropriating his ‘Tonga’ beat without giving him credit.

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Well, it looks like DJ Breezy did not originate the Tonga beat, he might have also copied someone else’s beat.

Yeah, there’s another song that has a beat which sounds just like DJ Breezy’s ‘Tonga’ beat.

Take a listen and you will understand what we are talking about.

The song you just listened to is an old tune by Jerry Hansen and the Ramblers Dance Band.

So, could it be that Ice Prince copied the beat of Jerry Hansen and the Ramblers instead and not DJ Breezy’s Tonga beat?

Could it also be that DJ Breezy copied the beat of Jerry Hansen and The Ramblers Dance Band and therefore, he has no right of accusing Ice Prince of stealing his beat?

Let us know what you think about this.

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