Teacher Kwadwo Has Something Amazing For Some Needy Pupils In His School. Read About it


Y’all know teacher Kwadwo right?

Well if you don’t know him, watch this:

So, teacher Kwadwo is doing an amazing thing.

Yeah, he sews new uniforms every month for 18 pupils in the school he teaches.

Ain’t that wonderful???

In a Facebook post, he stated that he is not a millionaire, but the money he gets from his videos and his salary as a teacher are what he uses to sew the uniforms for the pupils.

“Just for the LOVE and with the HELP of Almighty God  he said.

“Many of you might ask why I do not use the money to buy myself a property first.
Yes, property is important but seeing these needy children “SMILE” is the biggest property I seek on this earth.

I will be glad if people can come on board to help me make this project a bigger one because I want to help every needy child in Ghana, not just my school Pupils as far as school is concerned. May God bless each and everyone willing and surley ready to help(donate). Inbox me if you wish to donate.” he added.

Great job Teacher Kwadwo!

Let’s all come together and support Teacher Kwadwo with the little we have.

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