UG: Check Out Some Of The Best Khebab Joints On Campus You Definitely Need To Try.

All ye khebab lovers, tis I the Lord of khebab bringing thee good tidings.

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Your love for grilled meat is absurd eh.

The aroma alone kills you before you even take a bite. Wait oh, is it sausage that you want? Do you want some grilled mutton or beef or even chicken?

You can get some right here on campus.


  • Khebab lovers at diaspora there’s a fine joint just next to the Limann bus stop. No need to travel all the way to the night market. Get your cravings sorted out right here.


  • Baba’s special khebab is also at night market, behind All Needs supermarket and next to the University Basic School gate. Baba’s got you all day long. Chicken, sausage, gizzard? You name it.

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  • Main campus peeps, there’s a joint at the Athletic oval and one next to Legon hall annex B. There’s another behind Mensah Sarbah main hall.


  • Khebab lovers at pent, there are joints at blocks A and B. Peter’s khebab is always right outside the gate, near the ECG office.

Whatever your taste, there’s a khebab joint for you, right here on campus.

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