Meet DJ-BJAY, UCC’s ”Fresh A Fair” Revelation Act.

Fresh A fair in UCC was all sorts of lit filled with crazy moments and memories.

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As headlined acts took turns in wowing the crowd, an act who equally impressed us was DJ BJAY.

DJ BJAY held the fort for the 2 nights as the opening DJ.

He shuffled in between the invited Dj’s- iPhone DJ, DJ Mingle, DJ Richie and for a while, you wouldn’t know who was playing until you heard his cool soothing jingle DJ BJAY !!!

We met up the DJ who has since been making a lot of waves on campus.

Kuulpeepsucc: Who is DJ BJAY?

DJ BJAY: I’m Bernard Agyemang, a student of UCC reading Bachelor of Commerce Finance.

Kuulpeepsucc: There’s been a lot of buzz about you after the Fresh A fair. Was that your first major gig on campus?

DJ BJAY: Yeah I think so… It’s definitely one of my first massive campus programs.

Kuulpeepsucc: How did you feel knowing you’d be playing at such an event?

DJ BJAY: Well, I was a bit nervous at first, but I like to prepare for anything so I was ready to rock.

Kuulpeepsucc: Did the invited DJ’s heighten your nervousness?

DJ BJAY: I think it was more of an opportunity for me to meet them. I was excited.

Kuulpeepsucc: How did you approach the event? Were you going for the kill?

DJ BJAY: I definitely wanted everybody who will be present there to feel my vibes.

Kuulpeepsucc: How long have you been a DJ?

DJ BJAY: For about 2 years now.

Kuulpeepsucc: Why did you decide to go into that?

DJ BJAY: I’m a music lover, so I just wanted to try something with that passion. Then I watched “Straight Outta Compton” and saw how Dr Dre flipped the turntables. It started from there.

Kuulpeepsucc: So apart from Dr Dre who else inspires you?

DJ BJAY: Owh a whole lot of other acts oo!  DJ Vyrusky, Dj Black… they are plenty.

Kuulpeepsucc: Do you want to pursue DJing as a career?

DJ BJAY: I have the passion for it, Let’s see how that works out.

Kuulpeepsucc: How are you handling your new found fame, we hear campus girls like the famous guys, How are you handling that?

DJ BJAY: Ei me I’m not famous oo, I just think people loved what I did at the fair. I think its more of an appreciation.

Kuulpeepsucc: Goodluck to you DJ BJAY,  We wish you all the best!

DJ BJAY: Thanks so much, guys for having me.Thank you.


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