11 Annoyingly Accurate Struggles Only People Who Wear Glasses Can Relate To

Assemble all glasses wearers!!

Remember the first time you got your prescription glasses?

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Who knew the world could be so bright and beautiful?

Here are 11 things that make you wish you had perfect vision like all those muggles who don’t have to wear glasses!

Annoying compliments

When a random person takes your glasses off: ”OMG you look way better without your glasses”.

Ermm okay so what should we do about it? We just want to see, not pass a beauty contest.

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The 3D Glasses Issue

When everyone is psyched about watching a 3D movie but you get there and it’s a struggle cos you have to put the 3D glasses on your glasses simply because wearing the 3D glasses alone is definitely not an option cos then, you’d barely see a thing.

Can we just watch a normal movie in a normal cinema please?

Even watching TV at home too!!!

Watching a movie at home can be a tough one too cos y’all know watching TV, all curled up on the couch is the best way right?

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But how do you do that when you are in glasses and you’re just trying to find the right position that won’t squish your glasses but should make you see the TV from where you sit??!!

Cleaning glasses regularly

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In Ghana, where there’s dust everywhere, it looks like you have to clean your glasses every chance you get. Some of us have mastered the art of seeing through the thick layer of dust on our lens so we outchea seeing everything with a layer of dust on it.

The problem of being stuck in the rain

God, that’s even worse cos you literally don’t know what to do when you get unexpectedly stuck in the rain. Is it better to risk falling in a gutter cos you can’t see or it’s best to keep your glasses on, trying to see through the droplets falling on your glasses? Know what’s pathetic? when we attempt to clean the glasses in the rain and then put them on again…

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The perfect fabric

At least, it feels constant.

Trying to find the right fabric to wipe your glasses is an extreme sport! Your friends are probably tired of you feeling up their clothes and then using them to wipe your glasses because your own shirt is just the wrong type of fabric.

Can’t follow all fashion trends

All these trendy sunglasses and you can’t even cop one cos how are you going to rock them? Wear them over your glasses or risk walking into a wall all in the name of fashion.

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No thanks.

Hot tea anyone?

Anytime there’s a big change in temperature, you have to deal with foggy glasses.

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You enjoy some strong AC and step out norrr you can’t see for some seconds! You try a hot cup of beverage too norr your glasses want to make you blind for some seconds. stress.

Glasses = Smartness?

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Please and please again…people! we are just trying to see!!! Stop thinking that because someone’s in glasses, that means the person is automatically a brainiac. Some of us are just trying to see through all our dumbness, please.

People grabbing your glasses all. the. time.

This is the most annoying of all. When people say ”eeii lemme see your glassess” then immediately take them off your face, wear it, then proceed to scream ”’herrhh you’re blind oo”

Well, duh? why do you think i’m wearing glasses in the first place? to hide my superhero identity or what?

Makeup or nah?!

Ladies, when you do that bomb makeup and your eye shadow is popping but people can barely see it because you’ve got your glasses on so you make it a point to wipe your glasses more often than you usually do till someone notices.

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Shadout to the glasses wearers who haven’t left their glasses in some corner somewhere because they hate it and are currently going about their business, wearing it like champs!

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Y’all are the real MVPs!

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