Some Of Last Week’s Funniest, Unbelievable & Killer Tweets

This week bleessed us with these tweets Mr. President…

1. People are just creative…

2. Question of the day..

3.  Buhari suffer ooo…

4. AH chale!! 😂😂😂

5. Education is key

6. Time to get otter this world..

7. 😂😂😂😂😂


8. Never trust a soul 😂😂


9. This is annoying asf



10. Boys be fast pass…


11. Who can relate?


12. Abena! Aben.. 🌚


13. Some of you can relate erh? 🌚

14. I can’t 😂

15. Short people! We are sorry okay.


16. This tweet is underrated…


17. RIP son 😭


18. I guess we all do this…


19. This is too mean 😭…

20. So true 😂😂😂

See you next week!

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