MUCG: “Pum-Pum” 101. Tips On How To Keep Your Vagina Well.

All the stress you go through knowing your “lulu” has a bad odour and not in shape.  You even loose your self-confidence as well.

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Ladies here are just a few tips to keep your “lulu” hunky-dory:

You’ll absolutely love this!

●Don’t wash with soap, wash with clear body wash. This helps cut down on bacteria and

●Don’t douche, it pushes bacteria up in the vagina and causes odour.

●Don’t have sex without a condom with multiple dudes.

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●Wear more cotton panties and have separate panties for your menstrual cycle.

● Frequently change your panties.

●Your lulu tastes what you eat ladies, how sweet do want it to taste? Just eat a chunk of that!
From pineapple to mango to green grapes you know yeah?

●Don’t eat too much of chocolate it makes you taste salty.

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●Wipe from front to back when cleaning after a bath or using the washroom.

●Wear panty liners

●No double dipping

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●Take regular baths

● Keep the hair down there shaved regularly

●Drink lots of water and cranberry juice

●When you wash your lulu pull the little skin back over your clits and in between your lips

That’s about it ladies! You could add these to that which you already know so you can say confidently….

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