Drop Your Prejudice And Grab Your Speakers Cos The Reign Album Is Here

*clears throat*

The Reign Album is here!!!!

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Shatta dropped his Reign album and… not bad, not bad at all.

The album has 17 songs with only one feature: a perfect collab with Olamide!! The album is basically a ‘something for everyone’ with sprinkles of love songs, “I regret” being the ultimate love song if you ask us, and really good jamming songs…the kind that makes you want to Detty yourself!! “Give dem something” tickled our dance moves and was put on replay! 

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The album sort of comes in two parts: the first couple of songs giving us the Shatta we know and love and the rest showing us the hardcore patois people thought he could never pull off! 

He gave us a taste with “Gringo” and continued with “My mind made up” which sounded like a continuation of “Gringo”. 

On the last track, “One way style”, Shatta addressed his haters; those who always question his style of music and left a message for them where he admits to learning a lot from his Bandana days and reminds these haters to listen to all his songs and tell him if they’re really ‘one way’.

The one song which he said was his favorite during the Reign traclist unveiling, Mama Stories, is easily our favorite too cos it gives us a look into the tender side of Shatta Wale, singing about something we all relate to: Making our parents enjoy life and the fruit of their labour and basically promising them that everything is going to be fine soon!!

We won’t sign out until we tell you ‘Exodus’ is our best track on the album!

The album is currently available on Apple Music and can be bought on iTunes.

You can also join us at the Fantasy Dome tonight as we jam to the Reign Concert.

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