UG: That Belly Fat Isn’t Just Going To Vanish. Neither Are The Packs Going To Climb. Here Are The Rates For The UG Gym.


Let’s stop kidding ourselves, please. We both know when you claim you exercise in your room, you mean walking to your bathroom and back.









So how do you expect that belly fat to go down so that you can rock the crop top?

And how will you do summer body goals with bae if the potbelly isn’t turning into packs?











Let’s take this to another level and get serious, shall we?

Before anything, if you don’t know where the UG gym is, it is right beside the poolside, on your way to Okponglo.

They charge based on the type of the person that goes there.

As Ug students, your charges are different from a staff, from a non-ug student and then from the general public.

They also vary based on the duration of your visits to the gym.

Check the Image Below for all the eligible people and their respective charges.

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