Timeline: Shatta Wale & Sarkodie Before And After ‘Advice’

shatta and sarkodie beef two

Once upon a time, there is was king who ruled the streets. Displease him and he will quickly release a song or take to social media to either release a video or share a post about you.

His comebacks are quick and he trolls almost anyone who does something he thinks is wrong.

His insults are not polite – swear words are not foreign to him.

Bringing parents and your personal life issues into an industry disagreement issues is something he does on the regular.

Damn… you know he’s got opinions and he is not afraid to share them.

He picks up fights and he will diss you if you dare move to him.

At least that’s what we knew about Shatta Wale until 10/10 (October 10) when on the back of releasing his ‘Mind Made Up’ song, Sarkodie also released ‘Advice’ – an informal diss track to Shatta Wale.

Of course, you knew that – you must have crawled from under a rock this morning if you haven’t heard about how Sarkodie drugged Shatta Wale to hell and back.

But why now, is the problem. Why did Sarkodie release Advice now?

For some time now, Shatta Wale has been low key moving to Sarkodie and the rapper has sought to take the high road and politely refusing to take Shatta Wale’s bait.

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Last November, Sarkodie was unable to perform at the One Africa Music Fest held in Dubai though he was actually backstage and ready to perform. He took to Twitter to apologise and Shatta Wale took the opportunity to rub it in


But Sarkodie politely refused to follow him. This screenshot is from last year when Sarkodie replied Shatta Wale’s tweet accusing him of not respecting his own brand.


That was just one is a series of attacks from Shatta Wale. Through it all, Sarkodie has prefered to be calm and not react.

But this did it. Shatta Wale called Sarkodie a poor man. So much for putting some respek on the name…

Haven had enough of the trolling Sarkodie just had to put a stop to it.

Enough of the name calling, enough of the dragging his name through the mud. Sarkodie is just fed up.

So he did what he does best to shut Shatta Wale up.

He went into the studio and laid down some bars…

Up till now we no fit sell out the Madison Square but we fighting on Range Rover
Y3 ni su b3 titi yen nah game over
Attention seeking is not bad buh too much of it is chronic disease
S3 anka social media trend ne ma nipa y3 relevance anka obia en feature Mugeez


This fire could not be maintained.

Celebrities couldn’t sit on the sidelines – they had to get a piece of the action.

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Ghanaians were also outdoing themselves with the reactions.

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Then when gospel musician and minister of God, Sonnie Badu gave Sarkodie the thumbs up, people accused him of promoting diss songs.

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But while people keep trolling Shatta Wale, he has taken to Facebook to calm the nerves of his fans ahead of his Reign Album launch this Saturday at the Fantasy Dome.

All he has said is that he doesn’t give a sh*t about Sarkodie’s diss track while enjoying all the hype is getting. To him, that is a sign he has expertly played the showbiz game to his advantage.

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You know what they say – any publicity is good publicity.

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