UG: Do You Sleep On Your Side Or Lie On Your Stomach? Here Is What Your Sleeping Position Says About You.

When you are closing your eyes and hitting your pillow, you are probably not giving much thought about the position in which you actually fall asleep.

Of course, you are not awake to know whether you start on your side and end up on your belly and to be frank very often you don’t care.

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Think about it for a second time. When you climb into bed to fall asleep in the first place or wake up in the middle of the night for whatever reason, are you always in the same position?

Here’s why you might want to pay more attention: your sleeping position can actually say a bit about who you are and what your personality is like.

The Log.

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15% of people seem to pass out like a log (lying on their side with their arms by their side). People who sleep like a log are known as social butterflies. Although they are friendly, carefree and popular, these social trusting people are known for being gullible.

The Freefaller

Having trouble imagining this one?

Here you go

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It’s where you’re lying on your stomach with your arms wrapped around your pillow and head turned to the side. Free falling sleepers are bold and sociable on the outside, but typically don’t have the thick skin to deal with criticism or absurd situations.

The Starfish.

Another position that looks just the way it sounds: starfish sleepers sprawl out over the entire bed, comfortable and carefree.

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If you’re one to stretch out like this, chances are you’re a great friend. Starfish sleepers are always eager to lend an ear or give a helping hand to their friends in need. They don’t necessarily like being the centre of attention but don’t mind if they find themselves there from time to time.

The Fetal Position.

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This when you curl your knees in toward your chest like you’re tucked into a safe little ball. This is definitely for those who miss their boyfriends lol. Those who find comfort in this position are described as having a hard shell: tough on the outside, but a huge softy on the inside. They are shy when you first meet them, but they tend to open up and relax quickly.

Hard girl things…

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The Stargazer.

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This position may not be the most popular, but it’s definitely a favourite. Stargazers find themselves lying on their back with their arms wrapped around their head. They make their friends a priority and do anything in their power to help those they hold dear to them. People who sleep in this position tend to have a positive, “happy-go-lucky” outlook on life.

If you want to get some exclusive insight into someone’s true personality, all you have to do is
watch them sleep.

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