11 Throwback Songs From Ne-Yo That Was Definitely A Part Of Your High School Love Life


Yo!!!! Remember Ne-Yo??? Lawd he was sexy af with his bald head and thick lips but hey…we digress!! Ne-Yo gave us some timeless hits back in the day and at some point, you’ve definitely belted out the lyrics to some of his songs while clutching your chest like your soul was about to leave your body!!

Prepare to do that again…

So Sick

Oh, this song was the best when your JSS crush was avoiding you and being teased with the new boy with the fresh sneakers. Chest pains!

Go On Girl

Ne-Yo was an icon for giving us this quote ”I’m too fly to be depressed” Yeah, Facebook should have seen this every time an ex tried crawling back!!

Miss Independent

Ne-Yo was all about feminism before y’all even started to understand what the word means! A King!!

She Got Her Own

Features with Jamie Foxx and Fabolous meant the song was going to be fire and it was!! Ne-Yo definitely loved his women independent!


This video was perfect!! the dance moves??? Stop!!!!!!!! SHS performance stages were not complete without someone pulling another person closer with an imaginary rope to this song.

Sexy Love

If you never wrote the lyrics down to ‘chew’ this song….you’re too young to be reading this!!!

Let Me Love You

Oh yes please Ne-Yo!!


When it’s letter day and you didn’t get a letter from bae cos you’re fighting, then you go for Entertainment and…this song plays! Can someone shut the waterfalls down please????

When You’re Mad

Can guys go back to being this cute whenever their girls got mad? Send this to the love of your life to take notes.

One in a million

This video was so so so fun to watch!!!

Part of the list

The pain in this song…watching the love of your life happy with someone else…*wails!*

The memories are killing you right? Now you’re wondering where your high school crush is right?? Lol, go on…find him or her and say hi.

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