Bill Cosby Was Not Slapped With A Chicken Patty In Prison


The woes of Bill Cosby has no end in sight. As if being incarcerated is not enough, he is now a subject to a fake news story that has gone viral on the internet.

It was reported that Bill Cosby was hit in the face with a chicken patty after reportedly telling a joke that another inmate did not find funny.

According to the Pennsylvania Dept. of Corrections, Bill Cosby was not hit with a chicken patty following the various reports that were sent out.

“This did NOT happen, and I am unhappy with anyone who is reporting such fake news.” He told TMZ

The department continued to share that Cosby, who is in prison for sexual assault, hasn’t even left his cell to mingle with other inmates.

That decision was made by the prison that has Cosby under evaluation. This will determine to what extent Cosby will be allowed to interact with other inmates.

However until that decision is made, he will be kept alone in his own cell.

As more reports about Cosby’s time in prison are released, we will make sure to keep you all updated!

source: hollywoodunlocked

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