UG: Would You Be Cool With Your Best Friend Dating Your Ex? Find Out What Some Students Think.

For today, we went out to find out how people would feel if their ex dated their close friend. Male and female. Check the responses and do let us know where you fall:

Etornam: Unless you love and still want him or her back, then it is none of your business cos it is your ex.

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Quame Rhema: Actually you have less to do than to let your Best friend too go like your ex and move on.

Mary: I might feel a little jealousy within me but I think it’s normal because I wouldn’t think after all that he told me, he will easily find my replacement and worse my closest friend. But it still stands that you gotta let go. It might hurt at first but you will have to get over it.

Moringa Gee: Hmmm for me although she is ma ex, I’m gonna have some kinda thoughts that all the tine we were together before we broke up my ex and my best friend were having something to do behind me so the solution is to kill both of them.

Our Reaction: 

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Ashitey: Yeh that feeling is normal. I mean I would pray he stayed single for the rest of his life but Charlie what’s the use. You loved him or her, the relationship ended. He moved on. What shows you can’t do same. Even if you still love him or her still kwraa nu, he has moved on. So do same dear.

Emma : I don’t know what your problem is. It is because you two were not good together that is why you guys broke up so what is your worry? Maybe your friend and your ex are good together.

Our Reaction: 

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Baaba : Well then I would feel like he is doing it to hurt me. Because of all the girls that he could have chosen to get over me, he chose my close friend.

Then to me I will feel like he sheda paa…..

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Boss Lady : Okay, first of all, he wasn’t good enough that’s why ‘I left him’ so if he thinks he’s good with my ‘best friend’ cool, but I’m not gonna keep being cool with her cos you shouldn’t like what I like or liked  and I can’t let her go and discuss me and my new moves with the same guy. You barb?

Clara : This is in regards to guys.. I can never feel any attractions towards my friend’s boyfriend.

Hawa : If you are my friend, don’t date my ex if you value our friendship period!

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Kezia : I understand you but even when I was dating the guy, she kept her distance which means she respected and valued our friendship. She only started with him after we had ended so to me I think she valued and respected me.

Ama : So how will your friendship be like? Will you still hang out together, tell your secrets and all?? Ei, can’t be me.

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Evans : Oh me I won’t care like that.

Baaba :I can’t be holding people’s children back from love.

Let us know which side you are on!

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