The Beef Drags On: Kwaw Kese Dropped A Diss Track To Shatta Wale This Dawn

At dawn today, Kwaw Kese, the original Abodam himself dropped a diss track to Shatta Wale. 

The two have been beefing ever since Shatta Wale supposedly misunderstood something Kwaw Kese said. 

Shatta wasted no time responding to Kwaw’s comments to him and Kwaw Kese has made it a point to drag the ‘issue’ by any chance he gets.

Kwaw Kese wasted no time with the disses, going in right after the chorus with the insults. According to him, there’s no way Shatta can stand on his own without Nam1’s money. 

We would love to give you a blow by blow detail of the song but it’s best if you listen to it yourself! 


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