Can You Judge A Guy By His Grooming Habits? Let’s Tell You Why You Should…

Most of us have preferences when it comes to dating guys; like when a guy first approaches us, we have certain things we look out for, be his nails, shoes, smell (cologne) or just how he carries himself. It is a way to judge a guy, yes we understand we shouldn’t use a person’s physical appearance to judge them but to be honest, how else will you judge them at first glance?

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After you get past the initial appearance test you then have to worry about what down there looks…

For those of us that care about a guy’s grooming habits, we are here to tell you exactly what his grooming habits say about his personality.


If he has a wild, untamed jungle…

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  1. It could mean he is too chill; mans may be ignorant to the idea of manscaping or he is just a lazy baboon and doesn’t care about what’s going on down there.
  2. He might be entitled Af; it is possible that he doesn’t think he needs to worry about it at all, he is probably also a receiver, not a giver (sexually).


If he is neatly trimmed

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  1. He may be married to a routine. This is the guy that eats the same thing for lunch every day because he knows its safe! He is definitely too comfortable.
  2. It’s a 50/50; worst case, dude’s sex game may be “ok”, it could also be the best sex of your life. Probably not, but it can be.



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  1. He might really care about his personal appearance and while some of us may say hairless = psycho vibes, it could just be that he is willing to go the extra mile to put in time for his personal maintenance.
  2. He can also be practical like, why spend time trying to maintain pubic hair when you can just shave it off …besides its hot anaaa?


Some kind of Weird design

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  1. If you come across a weird design watch out! He may be really good at sex or he thinks he is good at sex. Let’s assume the latter cos dude is definitely the type to head for a booty call when every other plan fails.
  2. He can be fun and indulging but he shouldn’t be the guy to be seen with. He probably will make you want to wash your hands afterwards.


Some bare minimum maintenance

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  1. He is not going all out but he is making sure he is presentable. He is considerate without OD’ing it but maybe sometimes, he is a little too laid back.



Untrimmed, but he also doesn’t need to maintain it that badly

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  1. This is the pubic hair telltale sign of a guy who just naturally looks bad. You know, like, the ones no matter what they put on they still manage to look dirty?


Matted and Patchy, with something possibly moving

Image result for untamed pubic hair men




Image result for flat ironed pubic hair

  1. first of, like there is no way in hell anybody is doing this! Chale, it has never happened or been heard of! Seeing somebody with this is like seeing a group of humans with real live eagle wings… weird af right?



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