Our Brains Went Into Overdrive From Watching NXWRTH’s Visuals For ‘Cupid’ And TBH, We Loved Every Second Of It

Nxwrth, (pronounced North), a member of La Meme Gang, dropped the visuals for his love song, Cupid, yesterday. The song has been around for some time and if anyone told us there was a video being made, we would have expected the usual: the singer with the love of his life running along the beach and smiling at the camera while making us single folks bitter AF!

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But… surprise! The young producer swerved us big time and gave us a masterpiece we couldn’t help but applaud!

The song, Cupid was originally written as an Ode (basically a lyric poem) and we love how the eclectic artist Nxwrth brought the ode to life through Darkovibes’ voice.

We love us some Darko vibes right?

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Darkovibes’ voice beautifully sang about his disbelief in the purity of love he’s experiencing and Nxwrth helped visualize those feelings through the eyes of Creative Director, Bzdrko (Ayebea Darko).

Bzdrko is known for her work on the visuals for La Même Gang’s ‘GODZILLA’ and Bruddah Nay’s ‘DURAG DREAMS’ and after watching the Cupid video, it’s safe to conclude that she has the superpower of showing viewers the unexpressed concepts within any music.

The Cupid video is easily loved because Ayebea put a twisted spin on a traditional African love story while drawing inspiration from 1920’s silent movies. She explained the reason behind this saying, “I believe that as a young creative in Africa, conventionality (often rooting from fear) is our biggest hindrance. I’m trying to disrupt conventional African conceptual thinking of what a visual for a love story should be. I got kind of tired of seeing the same ‘song-and-dance’ videos that I’d been raised to believe is the ‘right way’ to portray love and tragedy visually.”


Well, we love the whole love-tragedy portrayed in the video and it’s absolutely refreshing to see young people use their creativity in amazing ways like this!


You can get the song, Cupid here and be sure to watch the video here:

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