CU: Are You The Same Person On Your Social Media?

Are you the same person on social media as you are in real life?

One may be wondering what social media is. Social media is a collection of online platforms and tools that people use to share content, profiles, opinions, insights, experiences and media itself, facilitating conversations and interactions online between individuals and groups of people.

Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat are all examples of social media applications.

Social media has become a platform where people put everything about their lives out there. Most people on social media are living fake lives. They update their page with rich content (flashy cars, expensive clothes and hair, money and so on), which makes people think they are living perfect lives.

People have so many reasons for creating these impressions about themselves. Some do these for the followers (to get more followers), some also do this for the fame whilst others do this to attract people to themselves especially guys fake this lives to attract and deceive girls.

Social media has almost become a place for showing-off and a platform for breeding competition among the youth. Faking a life which is not yours can be very dangerous to your reputation and I ask how long can you keep deceiving your follower’s or viewers on social media?  

Don’t forget nothing can ever be hidden under the sun forever. Why can’t we just feel free, be ourselves and express our true feelings wherever we find ourselves rather than always wanting to be in the category of wannabes. Just be you and live life in your own capacity. Living a double life can be very expensive. Don’t forget fake personality and lifestyle attracts fake company. Just be you anywhere you find yourself, that way you wouldn’t have to find yourself being caught up in the lying game.


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