These Incredibly Talented Artists Are Using Just Ink To Produce Amazing Artwork For #Inktober2018

With the start of October, came Inktober, the month where artists show their amazing skills but using ink only. It is done annually and lasts all month to encourage anyone to pick up drawing as a daily practice. This challenge was first started by an illustrator called Jake Parker in 2009, as a way to improve his own skills. When partaking in the challenge, you’d be given prompts with which you’d use as themes for your artwork.

We chanced by a couple for this first week of the challenge and picked our favourites.

Day 1: Poisonous

Day 2: Tranquil

photo credit: @xaneasiamah (Twitter)

Day 3: Roasted

Day 4: Spell

Photo credit: @xaneasiamah (Twitter)

Day 5: Chicken

Day 6: Drooling

If you think you can take part in this challenge, make sure you follow the rules:

and use this prompt list to guide you!

Related image

We’d be looking forward to seeing more beautiful drawings from you.

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