UG: Is The PS4 Fifa 19 Way Off Your Budget? Don’t Worry Here Are Other Things That Can Make Him Smile.

With the whole PS4 Fifa 19 craze on twitter, we decided to ask a few guys what kind of gifts they would love to receive from their girlfriends, Cause Fifa 19 dierrr…..

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This is what they had to say:

Crayn:  You see when you are giving something to someone try as much as possible to give him something he’ll always remember you for. A nice perfume or watch would do.

Alick :Perfume, Watch, Fine long sleeve shirt.

Asare : Watches, Shoes, Clothing and Food.

Junior : I can’t talk for all guys. Each one has a preference… me mmom di3 sneakers… not a fake one oo.

Brian : It will depend on the guys interest. Most guys like surprises too.

Kobby : I’m okay with anything as along as I know the person is giving it to me from their heart.

Michaël  : It really depends on the type of person you’re buying it for. An emo boy would want something sentimental like a nice bracelet. But someone else would want something significant like maybe a watch or something.

Ohene : Something that reminds him of you anytime he sees it. Bible, Wrist watch, His favorite team jersey, Something materialistic. You barb?

Kelvin: A beaded bracelet with his name is cool.

Yaw:  Something cool, like a vintage shirt. You barb

Elikem: Oh something simple like a wallet and a wrist Watch.

Benjamin: A stylish Belt with a cool Sunglasses be some cool vibe.

Francis:  A pack of Condoms for some shegey reasons.

Our Reaction:

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